Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/08/2022
UPC: 840588163182

Isle Of Wisdom
Artist: Hällas
Format: Vinyl


1. Birth/Into Darkness
2. Advent of Dawn
3. Earl's Theme
4. The Inner Chamber
5. Elusion's Gate
6. Gallivants (Of Space)
7. Stygian Depths
8. The Wind Carries the Word

More Info:

A journey through evocative sounds created by a blend of 70's rock, folk, and psychedelic influences - Isle Of Wisdom is the third studio album of the Swedish adventure rock stars Hallas. The collection allows entering a different realm soaked in mystery and retro rock traits, key features of Hallas' imagery between fantasy and sci-fi. It was produced in collaboration with Linn Fijal and Vilma Colling at Riksmixningsverket studio, which has seen music from artists such as Arch Enemy, ABBA and Celine Dion, which gave them the chance to once again use ABBA's unique synthesizers for the production of Isle Of Wisdom. The LP starts with synthy "Birth Into Darkness", with an incredibly cleaver topline from the unique vocals of singer and bassist Tommy Alexandersson. The musical journey continues with the mystical single "Earl's Theme" embellished by choral voices and proceeds with exceptional "Elusion's Gate", a piece that by giving space to the guitar lines of Alexander Moraitis and Marcus Petersson, underlines the overall epic and mysterious atmosphere of the album.