La Casa Azul - La Revolucion Sexual


Format: Vinyl
Label: Elefant
Catalog: 0001131
Rel. Date: 01/19/2024
UPC: 8428846111315

La Revolucion Sexual
Artist: La Casa Azul
Format: Vinyl


1. Nueva Yma Sumac
2. Revolucia3N Sexual
3. Prefiero No
4. Momento MA¡S Feliz
5. Mis Nosta¡Lgicas Mana-As
6. No MA¡S Myolastan
7. Gran Mentira
8. Chicos Malos
9. Cosa O Dos
10. Mucho MA¡S de Lo Normal
11. Esta Noche Sa3Lo Cantan Para MA-
12. Triple Salto Mortal
13. Mundo Mejor

More Info:

1000 copies special limited edition white vinyl. At least we can hold & touch the long awaited second album by La Casa Azul & with it we can reveal one of the best kept secrets of our times. You won't believe it: The kids in the band are not human! They are humanoids programmed by producer & composer Guille Milkyway so they can perform his high-tech hyper vitaminated nippon-influenced pop songs. Some did already suspect that such a thing could be possible but most had absolutely no id.