Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/02/2021
UPC: 8428846111421

Romancero [Clear Vinyl] (Spa)
Artist: La Bien Querida
Format: Vinyl


1. Track 1
2. Ya No
3. Track 3
4. Corpus Christi
5. Track 5
6. de Momento Abril
7. Track 7
8. A.D.N
9. Track 9
10. Track 10
11. Track 11
12. Track 12
13. Cuando Lo Intentas
14. Track 14
15. El Zoo Absoluto
16. Track 16
17. 7 Medidas de Seguridad
18. Track 18
19. Bendita
20. 1
21. Santa Fe
22. 1
23. Los Estados Generales
24. 1
25. Golpe de Estado

More Info:

Vinyl collectors have been searching desperately for copies of La Bien Querida's albums for a long time now, since they have been out of print for years. Here at Elefant, we are going to put an end to this situation, in reverse chronological order, in March, April and May, and with copies worthy of such a situation. So, the first to come out, skipping over the recent "Brujería", will be "Fuego". Fire corresponds to the south, to the color red, to summer, to the heart. The fire of passion, of love and cholera, fire of the spirit and intuition. As Ana herself said: "It's an album that talks a lot about a desire that reaffirms life, pleasure, self-realization, freedom. The process of living established by desire. A desire that is not dark or confusing but luminous and clear". As with the original release, the album will be double black-color vinyl with a fold-out gatefold album cover. Songs like "Dinamita", "7 Días Juntos", "Recompensarte" and "Los Jardines de Marzo" make it clear just how great this album is.