Format: Vinyl
Label: ELFT
Catalog: 1171
Rel. Date: 06/18/2021
UPC: 8428846111711

Artist: La Bien Querida
Format: Vinyl


1. Arenas Movedizas
2. Luna Nueva
3. Hechicera
4. Carnaval
5. A Veces Ni Eso
6. Los Picos de Europa
7. Pelea
8. Aurora
9. M S Fuerte Que T 1
10. Mil Veces

More Info:

The thing is, is that the musical experimentation, as shocking as it may seem, is domesticated by Ana's inscrutable charm and the beauty of her songs. It's La Bien Querida; the accessibility remains intact, the enormous ability to connect to our emotions and move US with their sensitivity and intelligent lyrics. But they've changed their style to give US an album that is as radical as it is poppy, as brave as it is captivating, and that creates a new musical universe. This is what art does; it moves forward, it invents, it emotes, three things this album achieves all at once.