Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/24/2023
UPC: 843563150481

Artist: Zack Rosen
Format: Vinyl


1. Pound
2. All in Time
3. Rome
4. Mirror in the Sun
5. Bicycle
6. House of Cards
7. Monsters ; Men
8. Heaven Forbid
9. Speak to Me
10. Great Veneer
11. Vassal
12. Come Back Alone
13. Pick Up the Pieces

More Info:

Zach Golub Rosen was an exceptional acoustic and electric bass player credited on more than a dozen albums. His songwriting was largely unknown outside a small circle of friends and family. He played about ten Syzygy gigs in small NYC venues, sometimes solo, sometimes with a band that included his friend Connor Grant on guitar. Connor is also a guitarist in Sean Ono Lennon's band, The GOASTT. In 2018, Zack approached Connor about producing his Syzygy project. They were deep into that project at the time of Zack's death, by suicide in 2019, at the age of 30, leaving the record to be finished posthumously. Throughout that process, as Connor combed through Zack's home bedroom recordings, many more songs were unearthed that no one had heard but Zack. "A truly brilliant artist. Zack's songs are astonishing and original. He had a peculiar, poetic, and playful mind." - Sean Ono Lennon (Chimera Music)