Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/26/2022
UPC: 843563152072

Evolution Here We Come
Artist: Chris Forsyth
Format: CD


1. Experimental ; Professional
2. Heaven For A Few
3. Bad Moon Risen
4. You're Gonna Need Somebody
5. Hey, Evolution
6. Long Beach Idyll
7. Robot Energy Machine

More Info:

To wit, if you think you know already what you'll be getting into here-heady, Television-esque multi-guitar jams played with motorik precision and a fiercely American intensity: you know, a Forsyth record-well, go ahead and think that. I won't stop you. Only... maybe the pulsing bass, curiously lurching drumbeat, and lunar synth squiggling of Sun Ra Arkestra maestro Marshall Allen that opens "Experimental & Professional" will set you back on your heels. But just for a moment, before Ryan Jewell's drums and Tortoise alum Douglas McCombs's bass twine into perfect alignment and then guitars-played by Forsyth and Tom Malach (of Garcia Peoples)-start chipping and hammering, twittering and sparring, the whole thing managing to evoke Remain in Light without sounding remotely like it.