Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/20/2023
UPC: 843563166536

Spike Field
Artist: Maria BC
Format: CD


1. Amber
2. Watcher
3. [ a Backlit Door ]
4. Haruspex
5. Return to Sender
6. Tire Iron
7. Daydrinker
8. Tied
9. Still
10. Lacuna
11. Mercury
12. Spike Field

More Info:

In the early 1990s, a team of linguists, engineers, anthropologists, and archaeologists were tasked with constructing a type of communication that could transcend time. How might we converse with future civilizations when language may evolve or dissolve entirely? The result yielded the design of spike fields; a strange construction of granite thorns bursting from the earth to alert its viewers to the deadly uninhabitability of nuclear waste disposal sites. For Maria BC (they/them), this state of temporal focus molds the wanderings on their second full length album Spike Field. How do we connect with the weathered shadow of our experience, while envisioning the self a few steps ahead of us? While their debut album Hyaline (2022, Father/Daughter) explored grief and anxiety through a series of character-led accounts, Spike Field recognizes that the past will continue to lurk below the surface until we decide to break through the soil.