Format: CD
Label: Wharf Cat Records
Rel. Date: 11/10/2023
UPC: 843563167526

Hard Light
Artist: Drop Nineteens
Format: CD


1. Hard Light
2. Scapa Flow
3. Gal
4. Tarantula
5. The Price Was High
6. Rose with Smoke
7. A Hitch
8. Lookout
9. Another One Another
10. Policeman Getting Lost
11. T

More Info:

Following the release of the shoegaze masterpiece Delawarein 1992, and the intricate experimentations on National Comain 1993, Drop Nineteens disbanded. They had a great run. Shared stages with Radiohead, Hole, Blur, PJ Harvey. Went from being teenaged kids in Boston to mid twenty somethings with an MTV video under their belt. So when Drop Nineteens ceased to be, Greg Ackell felt content, music was a closed chapter.