Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 01/26/2024
UPC: 843563171356

Never Before Seen Never Again Found [Colored Vinyl]
Artist: Arm's Length
Format: Vinyl


1. Overture
2. Object Permanence
3. Aries (Moth Song)
4. Tough Love
5. Formative Age
6. Muscle Memory
7. Playing Mercy
8. Everything As I Knew It
9. In Loving Memory
10. Family and Friends
11. Dirge

More Info:

Never Before Seen, Never Again Foundis the debut LP from Quinte West, Ontario band Arm's Length. Along with it's title, titanic emo punk compositions, and melodic beauty, Never Before Seen, Never Again Found feels like a defining record of a new generation of emo because of where it's from: three young people grappling with the brutality, confusion, and deep-rooted family traumas of 21st century life amid the funerals, farm fields, and strip malls of a rural, small-town Ontario community, with little hope of getting out. It is a record that is, like all great emo records, stuck in a pit of darkness, clawing and fighting like hell to get into the light. They might not get there, but at least Never Before Seen, Never Again Found is proof of that fight.