Elori Saxl - Drifts & Surfaces


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/19/2024
UPC: 843563171707

Drifts & Surfaces
Artist: Elori Saxl
Format: Vinyl


1. Drifts I
2. Drifts II
3. Surfaces

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Drifts and Surfaces is a three-piece set, with each work originating from commissions, and unified by shared themes: the flux between ephemeral movement and everyday stasis, the paradox of extraordinary and mundane beauty, and the ambition and idleness, that defines living in the 21st century. Saxl continues to utilize chamber-music ensemble alongside analog synth and digital experimentation, deeply tuning into textural emotion and the vivid details of small actions. While her 2021 breakthrough LP, The Blue of Distance, processed recordings from the Adirondacks and Lake Superior, Saxl's source material here comes primarily from live percussion and other instrumentation. The project started in 2018 in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood at the practice space that Saxl's band shares with the percussion trio Tigue. Later that year, they performed a residency together and captured the piece before the pandemic set in. In 2021, she began a new commission with Chicago's Third Coast Percussion.Drifts shares it's title with Kate Zambreno's 2020 novel, where the protagonist becomes entranced by the work of Chantal Ackerman, which presents the typically female invisible forms of domestic labor as equally valuable to activities more commonly seen as productive. Saxl posits Drifts in the spirit of that feminist thesis: "It feels like there's a little lineage here of women exploring this idea and celebrating small action that I hope I am continuing the work of."The final piece, "Surfaces," was commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum in conjunction with the Alex Katz retrospective in 2022. The group - comprised of Henry Solomon on baritone saxophone, Robby Bowen on glass marimba, and Saxl - leans into light, ruminative tones inspired by the pioneering painter's present-minded approach. Katz's work deals with the optical perception of "quick things passing," like the liminality of dusk when an object's outlines start to become unclear. "The ways in which our perception of things change not because they change but because we change," explains Saxl. "I wanted to have these really minor changes feel dramatic, to mirror the imagined movement in his paintings."Stepping back to view "Surfaces" within the set, Saxl finds the stream that runs throughout, the concept of the self as part of something greater. "Katz's depiction of multiple generations of New York City artists inspired me to think about how there is no individual 'me' as an artist without both the artists who came before me and the community of artists I've grown alongside. The delineation between us blurs, and I feel as though I am carried on an interwoven surface formed by the community around me. At the same time, I know that eventually, I have to turn inwards and swim out alone."