Delone - Romanticismo Siempre


Format: Vinyl
Label: Lovemonk
Rel. Date: 04/26/2024
UPC: 8437019516529

Romanticismo Siempre
Artist: Delone
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

To describe an album as 'electronic music' has long been an understatement. 'Romanticismo siempre' is a good example. Recorded mainly using synthesizers, the album travels a territory that borders on the experimental and the dancefloor, entering at times in both fields.Andres Tellez, Delone, states in it's title a clear commitment: 'an ode to life, to never lose that passion that is the engine that pushes everything, no matter how many obstacles there are along the way, such as love, madness or death'. The need to express this is at the origin of the record.His musical language is rich and varied. Among synthesizers, analog experimentation, drones and psychedelia, many of the subcultures that have shaped what was once called 'electronic music' appear. Flashes of trip hop, new age and proto-electronics are amalgamated throughout the album, together with hints of mutant house, breakbeats, IDM and trance. Other genres peripheral to club sounds, such as post-rock or kraut, also appear.The idea of creating something that could almost be considered a soundtrack is present, but Delone's singularity has taken the album down a different path, using his own musical vocabulary to articulate a narrative that leads him towards his desired destination, keeping experimentation and dance culture, constants in his career, very much in mind.In 2014 and together with his partner and friend Carlos Trujillo, Andres created Riverette, a record label that became a record store in the center of Madrid, with his studio in the basement. From there he unleashed his productions as Dos Attack and his first works as Delone. Riverette quickly became a key creative pole in the Spanish electronic underground, and the label has released records by Legowelt, Kornel Kovacs or HAAi.Throughout the eleven tracks of 'Romanticismo siempre', a story materializes in which the protagonism falls on the adrenaline of passion. Through a very personal sound, with a certain introspective vocation, Andres tells us a wonderful tale with the help of exquisite arrangements and a rich expressiveness.'Romanticismo siempre' is a polyhedral album that can change with every listen, with every track, and reinterpret itself almost with every playback. It is a complex record, delicate and full of nuances, at the same time charged with a powerful and primitive energy.Tracklisting:A1. Ascension (5:00)A2. Vangelo (2:53)A3. Campos de Soria (3:59)A4. La Debil (3:51)A5. Invoca (2:46)B1. MIT (4:16)B2. Le Fou (4:25)B3. Ines Mira Las Estrellas (5:40)B4. Romanticismo Siempre (5:49)B5. Celestina (3:14)B6. Coma (2:05)