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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/03/2021
UPC: 844493062080

In Dub Rewind Vol 1 (Aus)
Artist: Killing Joke
Format: CD


1. Requiem a Floating Leaf Always Reaches the Sea Remix
2. Turn to Red Nuclear Dub Instrumental
3. Money Is Not Our God Isolator Dub
4. Corporate Elect President's "Mustard in the Chalice" Manifesto Dub Mix
5. This World Hell Cult of Youth Ambient Samsara Dub
6. Exorcism in Dub Vatican Ambient Mix
7. Tomorrow's World Urban Primitive Dub
8. Pandemonium @Thread of Steel in the Suspension Bridge of Time ; Space Greg Hunter Dub
9. European Super State J Piri Piri Vs Youth Banda Remix
10. The Raven King Never Grow Old, Forever Now Dub
11. Love Like Blood Your Heart Is a Weapon Dub
12. Eighties Voodoo Dub Mix

More Info:

2021 collection. A year in the making, this is a remix collection of classic tracks by the post-punk legends. Curated and mixed by the bands bassist, Youth. Liner notes by Youth