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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/04/2021
UPC: 844667051834

Stoned Giant
Artist: Qwazaar & Batsauce
Format: Vinyl


1. Cloud Pour
2. New Halibut
3. Insurmountable Powers
4. Sas-Fras
5. Roll Another
6. Giants Among Men
7. Au Gratin Feat. Dillon
8. Still Here Feat. Qwel ; Denizen Kane of Typical Cats + Willie Evans JR
9. No Ghosts Feat. Hellsent
10. Take Your Stash
11. Cloud Pour (Instrumental)
12. New Halibut (Instrumental)
13. Insurmountable Powers (Instrumental)
14. Sas-Fras (Instrumental)
15. Roll Another (Instrumental)
16. Giants Among Men (Instrumental)
17. Au Gratin Feat. Dillon (Instrumental)
18. Still Here Feat. Qwel ; Denizen Kane of Typical Cats + Willie Evans Jr. (Instrumental)
19. No Ghosts Feat. Hellsent (Instrumental)
20. Take Your Stash (Instrumental)

More Info:

Longtime stalwarts of the indie hip hop scene, Qwazaar (of Typical Cats) & Batsauce (The Smile Rays) have once again emerged with a project that is sure to cause an avalanche - Stoned Giant. Qwazaar's unorthodox approach as a lyricist finds the quintessential canvases in Batsauce's moodier, dustier brand of Boom Bap beats. The duo is flanked by Qwazaar's partners in rhyme, Hellsent (Chicago), as well as Typical Cats bandmates Qwel & Denizen Kane who form like Voltron for a triumphant reunion track. Not to mention, the album boasts guest verses from the impossibly funky, Willie Evans Jr. (Asamov) and Dillon (FULL PLATE) who is also performs turntablist duties throughout the release. At it's core, Stoned Giant is an eccentric exploration into the inner-workings of mankind's potential greatness, with convenient reminders along the way that the bigger we are, the harder we fall. Life gets rocky sometimes, so just drop the needle and let the dust settle.