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Format: DVD
Label: FEDL
Rel. Date: 02/02/2021
UPC: 850017184350

Gun And A Hotel Bible

More Info:

Based on an award-winning play, GUN AND A HOTEL BIBLE is the story of a young man on the verge of a violent act, and his encounter with a personified hotel bible. Pete walks into a hotel room with a gun, and he's ready to use it. He didn't expect to meet Gideon, the chatty bible on the bedside table. Gideon (being, ya know, a bible) doesn't get out much. Still, he has plenty of opinions much to Pete's annoyance. Gideon tries to talk Pete off the cliff, but Pete's heard it all before. As far as Pete is concerned, the bible does more harm than good anyways. Gideon and Pete battle and bond about betrayal, spirituality, and loss. As ideas about morality, the Bible, and God fly between them, the clock ticks and the two are forced to deal with their inadequacies. Can Gideon sway Pete before Pete pulls the trigger?