Bruno Berle - No Reino Dos Afetos 2 [Colored Vinyl] (Pnk) (Wht)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/07/2024
UPC: 850034504995

No Reino Dos Afetos 2 [Colored Vinyl] (Pnk) (Wht)
Artist: Bruno Berle
Format: Vinyl


1. Te Amar Eterno
2. New Hit
3. Margem Do Céu
4. Sonho
5. É SO Você Chegar
6. Acorda E Vem
7. Love Comes Back
8. Dizer Adeus
9. Quando Penso
10. Tirolirole

More Info:

In Bruno Berle's pursuit to find beauty in the world, the young songwriter from Sao Paulo writes songs that are simple, direct, and yet full of tender nuance. Rooted in the sun-drenched rhythms and gentle touch of MPB, Bruno's new album "No Reino Dos Afetos 2" connects threads of Bossa Nova, Lo-Fi Indie, Samba, and R&B. His luxurious voice delivers heartfelt lyrics over quietly strummed guitar, creating a soft sound that manages to be vivid and present in the contemporary world while still soaked in the sound of Brazilian tropicalia. Elements of lo-fi beats and production flesh out Berle's sound into something at once both classic and distinctly modern. Bruno is a part of a burgeoning scene of progressive young artists coming out of Brazil and making noise globally including Tim Bernardes, Sessa, Bala Desejo, Ana Frango Electrico and more.