Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 07/12/2022
UPC: 850039586002

Darker The Lake / (Mod Ac3 Dol)
Artist: Darker the Lake
Format: DVD

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The small, quiet town of St. Michael hasn't had a suspicious death in the last 30 years, until now. As strange murders disturb the peace, two detectives must solve a deadly game where the myth behind it unravels the town's urban legend and secrets too close to home. Detective Tamara Fischer is a logical, no nonsense woman, but she hasn't been sleeping since the murders started and there are no leads. Her new partner, Detective Lukas Wiles, used to vacation in St. Michael when he was a kid. After finding a lost VHS tape for auction on the dark web containing evidence lost in the murders 30 years ago, he arrives back in town. In the tape, Tamara's mother Lea, then 18 years old, confesses that she's responsible for killing her friends in the fire that started while playing an addictive revenge game they call Painkiller. How many people has Lea played the game with and how many deaths is she responsible for?