Scream of the Blind Dead - Scream Of The Blind Dead


Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 02/06/2024
UPC: 850042504611

Scream Of The Blind Dead
Artist: Scream of the Blind Dead
Format: DVD

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From director Chris Alexander comes SCREAM OF THE BLIND DEAD, a surreal, experimental, horror headtrip inspired by the iconic Spanish "Blind Dead" films created by director Amando de Ossorio. Taking the first half hour of 1971's TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD and blurring it into a psychosexual fever dream, the film follows the journey of Virginia (Stephanie Delorme, NECROPOLIS: LEGION), who wanders a deserted, haunted landscape and accidentally wakes up the ghost of an ancient, bloodthirsty blind female knight (Thea Munster, PARASITE LADY, GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR). As the wraith relentlessly pursues her prey, the truth about Virginia's dark past is revealed. Heavily influenced by European exploitation and underground cinema, SCREAM OF THE BLIND DEAD is intended as a stylistic and thematic impression of de Ossorio's work and features chilling narration from original TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD and ATTACK OF THE BLIND DEAD star Lone Fleming.