Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 09/05/2023
UPC: 850046140105

Role Model / (Mod Ac3 Dol)
Artist: Role Model
Format: DVD

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Desperate after being fired from his long-time job, Matt O'Donnell walks to a nearby diner where he and his now-deceased father used to frequent. There, he is haunted by his father, RICK. Confused and angry from an argument with his wife, Cheryl, he returns home and finds a positive pregnancy test in the trash, panicked, he runs away. He is repeatedly visited by his estranged father, who encourages him to take a deep look at himself in the mirror and face his own shortcomings. However, Matt is more focused on how his father treated him while he was still alive, refusing to move on. After stopping at a hotel, Matt meets Julia, who tempts him to leave his former life behind while back at home; Cheryl is learning how to fend for herself. Forced to face the fact that he and his father are not so different after all, he risks everything forgetting the people in his life who will be there for him no matter what the cost.