Just The Two Of Us - Just The Two Of Us / (Mod Ac3 Dol)


Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 02/06/2024
UPC: 850046140297

Just The Two Of Us / (Mod Ac3 Dol)
Artist: Just The Two Of Us
Format: DVD

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In the enchanting tapestry of Just the Two of Us, three couples embark on separate journeys, each an important chapter in the novel of love. Zoe and Anthony, a collision of personalities, traverse the uncharted territory of their new online connection. Kevin and Rachel celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary. Successful in their careers, their marriage faces turbulent waters. Christopher and Grace, whose love story spans over three decades, grapple with a cancer diagnosis that forces them to confront life's fragility. The story gracefully weaves between these narratives, capturing moments of humor, passion, and resolution, highlighting human connection in it's myriad forms.