River of Ghosts - River Of Ghosts / (Mod Ac3 Dol)


Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 01/30/2024
UPC: 850053728297

River Of Ghosts / (Mod Ac3 Dol)
Artist: River of Ghosts
Format: DVD

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A Stanford psychiatry student returns to his hometown to practice as a hypnotherapist in the small river town. As he dives deep into town folks' psyche and helps them solve their problems, he quickly becomes a popular doctor. However, still facing criticism and self-doubt, eager to prove himself, Dr. Halton finally meets a really challenging case that opens up a can of worms- of what happened by the river... The case has also earned him the recognition he craves. Through the process, Dr. Halton meets his own shadow and blockage that have to be cleansed away by the glistening water of the river for personal growth and maturity as a healer-doctor.