Reyna Tropical - Malegria


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/29/2024
UPC: 850056058056

Artist: Reyna Tropical
Format: Vinyl


1. Aquí Te Cuido
2. Radio Esperanza
3. Cartagena
4. Goosebumps
5. Lo Siento
6. Singing
7. Conocerla
8. Movimiento
9. Suavecito
10. Ñeke
11. La Mamá
12. Malegría
13. Pajarito
14. Puerto Rico
15. Mestizaje
16. Cuaji
17. Queer Love ; Afro-Mexico
18. Queer Love ; Afro-Mexico
19. Guitarra
20. Huitzilin

More Info:

Malegría, Reyna Tropical's long-anticipated debut full-length album, is at once a vibrant arrival and an electrifying bridge. The album is a contemporary celebration and continuation of wide-reaching cultural traditions-from Congolese, Peruvian, and cumbia rhythms to revolutionary artists like lesbian Mexican guitarist-singer Chavela Vargas-these influences meld and are remixed through the distinctive lens of trailblazing guitarist and songwriter Fabi Reyna.Traversing themes including queer love, feminine sensuality, and the transformative power of intentional relations to the earth, Malegría spotlights narratives often pushed to the margins and offers them a sonic homeland. The portmanteau, born from a 1998 Manu Chao song by the same name, is akin to "bittersweet" and blends the Spanish "mal" which means "bad" and "alegría" which means "happiness."Malegría marks Reyna Tropical's return to centering creative joy and movement through music. Whether enjoyed during listening parties or infectious live sets, the music will move listeners and irresistibly command a jump-into action in protection of the land, into the arms of a crush, into your own power and fearlessness, into steady body rolls along to the beat. Malegría offers us all a chance to witness history in the making.