Antero Sievert - Happiness Is A Warm Gun


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/17/2024
UPC: 850061069061

Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Artist: Antero Sievert
Format: Vinyl


1. Happiness Is a Warm Gun
2. P.O.E. (Peace on Earth)

More Info:

By the beginning of 2021, we'd been stiflingly suppressed from recording new music, to which our first five records had addicted us. We still tried to keep up on who was out there emerging on the NYC scene, several of whom were interviewed by co-founder J. Cohn on his legendary pandemic series on Instagram called The Jazz Inquisitions. One such subject was Seattle-born trumpeter Noah Halpern. Noah had retreated home from his NYC base where we put him with Mr. Sievert in Avast Studio in Seattle (the first JMI record tracked outside NYC) to record a Beatles cover and an Antero original.