Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/04/2021
UPC: 859732396871

Backstroke Raptor

1. Backstroke Raptor
2. Samantha
3. the Wizard Who Could Just Go Poof
4. the Great Wallaby Adventure
5. Cement Dude
6. a Girl with Superpowers
7. the Person Who Could Not Spin
8. a Hamster's Workday
9. Barry and the Big Climbing Tree
10. the Giraffe Didn't Know
11. Dreaming Sheep

More Info:

Backstroke Raptor is the second album from the Story Pirates. From the B-52's-inspired title track about a swimming velociraptor to "The Wizard Who Just Goes Poof," featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda as a rapping dragon, this is our weirdest and wildest collection of songs yet, entirely based on story ideas submitted by kids from around the world.