Format: CD
Label: Zefir
Rel. Date: 11/25/2022
UPC: 8717774570883

Beethoven: Diabelli Variations
Artist: Beethoven / Madge, Geoffrey
Format: CD

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Some classical compositions are at a first hearing not always so easy to comprehend. In the case of the 33 Diabelli Variations it may be a challenge for some listeners. The connections with Diabelli's waltz theme are always present, but at times well hidden behind the surface. Beethoven began working on the composition in 1819 and completed it in 1823. The work was published by Diabelli's new publishing firm in 1824. It is without doubt one of his greatest achievements. This masterpiece that without difficulty can stand next to any of Beethoven's later works, or masterpieces like Bach's Goldberg variations, was so original for it's time that even Anton Diabelli must have been quite bewildered by what was possible with his rather simple, even may we say, banal theme. The work, like most of Beethoven's compositions, such as his string quartets and piano sonatas, is a monumental addition to the solo piano variations repertoire. Master pianist Geoffrey Madge returns after lots of contemporary world premieres (fe Xenakis, Skalkottas, Krenek and the integral performances of the monumental Opus Clavicembalisticumby K. Sorabji, back to the classics: Beethoven's Diabelli Variations!