Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/19/2021
UPC: 8718627233580

Very Best Of (Hol)
Artist: Two Brothers On The 4th Floor
Format: CD


1. Can't Help Myself (Extended Intro Version)
2. Turn Da Music Up (Radio Version)
3. Never Alone (Euro Radio Mix)
4. Dreams (Will Come Alive)
5. Let Me Be Free
6. Fly (Through the Starry Night)
7. Come Take My Hand
8. Fairytales
9. Mirror of Love
10. There's a Key
11. One Day
12. I'm Thinking of U
13. Do You Know?
14. The Sun Will Be Shining
15. Heaven Is Here
16. Living in Cyberspace
17. Wonderful Feeling
18. Stand Up and Live (DJ José Vs. G-Spott Remix)
19. Shine Like a Star (Previously Unreleased)
20. Dreams (Fragile Acoustic Version) (Previously Unreleased)
21. Dreams 2016 (Will Come Home Alive) (Louis Ballar ; Dimitris Kops Remix)
22. Turn Da Music Up (DJ Marcello ;Rutger 'Ruff' Kroese Remix)
23. Dreams (Will Come Alive) (Twenty 4 Seven Remix By Ruud Van Rijen)
24. Let Me Be Free (Beats 'R' Us Remix)
25. Fly (Through the Starry Night) (Cappella Remix)
26. Come Take My Hand (Lick Mix)
27. Fairytales (Charly Lownoise ; Mental Theo Remix)
28. I'm Thinking of U (Ferry Corsten Remix)
29. Do You Know (Where You're Going to) (Ferry Corsten Remix)
30. The Sun Will Be Shining (Ferry Corsten Remix)
31. Come Take My Hand (Cooly D's Jungle Mix)
32. Living in Cyberspace (Jan Van Dongen and Ron Van Den Beuken Remix)
33. Wonderful Feeling (Sunclub Remix)
34. Euro Megamix (Mixed By Arjan Rietvink)
35. Happy Hardcore Megamix (Mixed By Tim Hoppema)
36. Never Alone 2016 (Freestyle Maniacs HDM Remix)

More Info:

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor is a Dutch musical group created in the early nineties 1990 by brothers Martin and Bobby Boer. The third single "Never Alone" was the first to be launched with rapper D-Rock and singer Des'Ray and was their first single certified gold. The song "Dreams", which is the title song of the band's first album, was a song that captured the essence of Eurodance. Due to the genre's popularity when the song was released in 1994, the song became a hit both nationally and internationally. 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor further widened their success with the singles "Fly (Through the Starry Night)", "Come Take My Hand" and "Fairytales", changing their style to happy hardcore. These singles topped the charts in various European countries.