Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/28/2022
UPC: 8718627235423

Bloodbrothers (Hol)
Artist: Dictators
Format: CD

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"Bloodbrothers" is the third album by this New York punk-rockers. Bruce Springsteen as a fan of the band makes (while visiting the studio) an appearance on the lead-off track "Faster And Louder" (Bruce counts the band back in for the final chorus) which is a perfect song and a epitome of what made rock and roll great. While The Dictators music is based in punk they do it humorously with a heavy mixture of driving rock. The guitars in 'Bloodbrothers' are some of the best heavy rocking by Ross "The Boss" Friedman and Scott "Top Ten" Kempner. All in all it's by far the group's most straightforward album and the most truest sounding Dictators album. If you want to label this as punk then it's maybe the greatest punk album ever.