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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/31/2020
UPC: 8719262012981

Il Pentito / O.S.T. (Blk) (Ogv) (Slv)
Artist: Ennio Morricone Blk Ogv Slv
Format: Vinyl


1. Il Pentito
2. Messaggio
3. Evento Finale
4. Retata
5. Sicilia Dei Ricordi Lontani
6. Retata Seconda
7. Sicilia
8. Confusi Ricordi
9. Momento Decisivo 1
10. Durante L'omelia 1
11. Il Pentito 1
12. Strano Notturno

More Info:

An ambitious mafia film by director Pasquale Squitieri that was made in 1985 about the murder of Ambrosoli and mafia corruption in the USA. Ennio Morricone wrote a great number of film scores for the Sicilian problems with the mafia. The score for Il Pentito is full of tension and action, but the record starts with a lovely romantic theme for strings orchestrated in a typical Morricone style. And there are more nice themes as there is in track 4, Il Pentito - (Colloqui discreti) a theme for guitar and flute and track 6 Addio al Padre (for guitar and oboe). F or this fascinating score Ennio is also the conductor of the orchestra.Available for the first time on vinyl as a 35th anniversary edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on silver & black marbled vinyl.