Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/28/2022
UPC: 8719262023055

Venice: Infinitely Avantgarde (Soundtrack) (Gate)
Artist: Hania Rani (Gate) (Ogv)
Format: Vinyl


1. Side A
2. Track 2
3. Il Mondo Nuovo (Piano Version)
4. Track 4
5. Inquieto
6. Track 6
7. Tristan
8. Side B
9. Track 9
10. Carnival
11. Track 11
12. G-Minor
13. Track 13
14. on the Island
15. Track 15
16. Tintoretto's Paradise
17. Side C
18. Track 18
19. La Serenissima
20. Track 20
21. Il Mondo Nuovo
22. Track 22
23. Funambolo
24. Track 24
25. Isolde
26. Side D
27. Track 27
28. Peggy
29. Track 29
30. at Dawn
31. Track 31
32. D-Minor

More Info:

Hania Rani is a Polish pianist, composer and singer. She employs a delicate, vulnerable, and minimalist playing style with modern recording techniques to evoke themes of self, home, and landscape. She was classically trained at the Feliks Nowowiejski music school in her hometown, where she met cellist and best friend Dobrawa Czocher. For her 2019 debut album Esja, she received five Fryderyk nominations in Poland.Her score for Venice - Infinitely Avantgarde is a fruit of Rani's city walks through Venice and discovering it's museums, narrow streets, and landmarks. The documentary, directed by Michele Mally, follows a tour through the city and takes in masterpieces by Tiepolo, Canaletto, Rosalba Carriera. Venice is unique for it's identity, which combines contrasting DNA blueprints that have been there for over 1600 years: the charm of decadence and the excitement of being on the cutting edge. Cosmopolitan from the outset, Venice has always been a city of commercial and cultural exchange with the East and, taking into account it's fragility, has always had vision and been inspired by the future.Venice - Infinitely Avantgarde is housed in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes by Hania Rani.