Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/02/2023
UPC: 8719262030275

Collected (Blk) [180 Gram] (Hol)
Artist: Call
Format: Vinyl


1. War-Weary World
2. There's a Heart Here
3. Upperbirth
4. The Walls Came Down
5. Modern Romans
6. Time of Your Life
7. Heavy Hand
8. Scene Beyond Dreams
9. Tremble
10. Everywhere I Go
11. I Still Believe (Great Design)
12. The Morning
13. Oklahoma
14. In the River
15. I Don't Wanna
16. The Woods
17. Memory
18. Let the Day Begin
19. You Run
20. When
21. What's Happened to You
22. You Were There
23. Floating Back
24. Love Is Everywhere
25. Become America
26. All You Hold on to

More Info:

180 gram audiophile black vinyl. American band The Call achieved critical attention and rotation play on MTV in the 1980s. They released a couple of successful albums during those days, including hits like "Let the Day Begin", "What's Happened to You", and "The Walls Came Down". All the classics, unknown pearls, and fan favorites are brought together on this wonderful Collected 2LP.