Format: Vinyl
Label: YEAR0001
Rel. Date: 07/29/2022
UPC: 8720766055732

Cave World [Green LP]
Artist: Viagra boys
Format: Vinyl


1. Baby Criminal
2. Cave Hole
3. Troglodyte
4. Punk Rock Loser
5. Creepy Crawlers
6. The Cognitive Trade-Off Hypothesis
7. Globe Earth
8. Ain't No Thief
9. Big Boy
10. ADD
11. Human Error
12. Return To Monke

More Info:

Green Vinyl. In this time of strife, insanity and confusion, only one band is depraved enough to offer themselves up as herald. Like sin-eaters if sins had to be ingested from a very small spoon, Viagra Boys have consumed the utterly incomprehensible chaos of our era and distilled it into 12 immaculate tracks of post-truth-cow-funk-kraut-wave-enlightenment.