Flesher - Tales Of Grosteque Demise


Format: CD
Label: Redefining Darkness
Rel. Date: 03/08/2024
UPC: 873321902359

Tales Of Grosteque Demise
Artist: Flesher
Format: CD


1. Enter the Realm
2. Wisconsin
3. Scroll of Thoth
4. Creature Beast
5. The Gates
6. Curse
7. No Escape
8. In Suffering
9. Flesher (Will Kill You)

More Info:

Flesher - Tales Of Grosteque Demise - Formed in Indianapolis, Indiana, Flesher are a gore-soaked power trio consisting of Paul Breece, Gus Matracia and Dustin Boltjes. You may recognize Dustin's skin bashing from some of his past bands - Skeletonwitch, Demiricous, Chrome Waves or current project Sacred Leather. Flesher was forged in the summer of 2022 and shortly thereafter released the Murder Sessions demo. Taking inspiration from the past, everything Flesher does pays homage to classic horror and 90's death metal. In less than a year as a band, Flesher have released a demo and toured the midwest already sharing the stage with the likes of Internal Bleeding, Sanguisugabogg, Vomit Forth, Enterprise Earth and more. The band were also featured on Metal Injection's Metal Monday, in which they praised, "This thing is fucking grotesque and I love it!" Earlier this year, Flesher signed with Redefining Darkness Records and recorded their first full length album under the guise, Tales of Grotesque Demise. The band pulled out no stops on their debut with Dan Swanö handling the master, legend Ed Repka providing the cover art and featuring guest vocals from Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg. Suffice to say, this Fall of 2023 death metal belongs to Flesher!