Eric Alexander - Timing Is Everything [180 Gram]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 05/24/2024
UPC: 875531025941

Timing Is Everything [180 Gram]
Artist: Eric Alexander
Format: Vinyl


1. After the Rain
2. Misty
3. Sasquatch
4. Timing Is Everything
5. Serenade to a Cuckoo
6. Big G's Monk

More Info:

Eric Alexander - Timing Is Everything (180 Gram Black Vinyl) This titan of the sax saxophone is back in a small group setting, asserting himself as one of the finest to ever lay hands on a saxophone. - Although Eric has made several appearances on my label: One For All - Invades Vancouver, Michael Weiss - Persistence, The Heavy Hitters, Xaver Hellmeier - X-Man in New York and my record O Sole Mio, he has never appeared as a leader until now. When I started Cellar Live in 2000, recording a musician the stature of Eric Alexander was a dream-Eric enjoyed long stints with some pretty incredible record labels over the years and I wasn't ready to play in the BIG leagues at that point. But many incredible things have happened at the label since that time. And now that the opportunity to record him has come up, I am able to jump at the chance. - Timing Is Everything is an appropriate title for both this recording, but, as Eric explains, "for life in general." "When you're playing jazz music," he continues, "you can play all the right notes, but if you don't time them correctly, it's nothing... and when you do time them correctly, it's everything." Similarly, when talking about life, Eric states, "one of the few things that a human being possesses is their time. You don't own your life. You don't own your car. You only own your time. In order to have a fulfilled life, you have to protect your time and your timing. Timing is Everything because you can't get time back."