Format: CD
Label: Equator Music
Catalog: 80022C
Rel. Date: 11/26/2021
UPC: 875918002220

Don't Let Go
Artist: Envy (Canada)
Format: CD


1. Monster
2. You Won't
3. Look Me in the Eyes (Skitstövel)
4. Grow Into Love
5. All at Once
6. Season of Change
7. How Come My Body
8. On ; On
9. Fxgiving
10. It's True
11. Nosebleeds
12. Tiny

More Info:

Half Moon Run's album Seasons of Change (2020) and EP Inwards & Onwards (2021) bundled into one exclusive product. Featuring singles "Grow into Love" and "How Come My Body," this combined LP/EP contains the award-winning group's most recent masterpieces.