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Format: CD
Label: ERAR
Rel. Date: 12/18/2020
UPC: 880242677778

Agents Are Forever - Film Music From The World Of James Bond & Others
Artist: Danish National Symphony Orchestra / Hans Ek
Format: CD


1. James Bond Theme (From "DR. No")
2. Main Theme (From "The Ipcress File")
3. Sunlit Silence (From "Bridge of Spies")
4. Finale (From "Kingsman: The Secret Service")
5. Pink Panther Theme
6. Sooner or Later (From "Dick Tracy")
7. Sherlock Suite (From "Sherlock")
8. Solomon Lane (From "Mission: Impossible, Rogue Nation")
9. Mission: Impossible - Suite (Ghost Protocol - a Man, a Plan, a Code, Dubai ; Mission: Impossible 3 - Main Theme)
10. Homeland Main Theme
11. Closing in (From "Catch Me If You Can")
12. A Prayer for Peace (From "Munich")
13. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (From "James Bond 007")
14. From Russia with Love (From "James Bond 007")
15. Diamonds Are Forever (From "James Bond 007")
16. Mountains and Sunsets (From "You Only Live Twice": James Bond 007)
17. Thunderball (From "James Bond 007")
18. Goldfinger (From "James Bond 007")
19. Golden Eye (From "James Bond 007")
20. Skyfall (From "James Bond 007")
21. Live and Let Die (From "James Bond 007")

More Info:

2020 release. An original production by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, with music from spy and detective movies such as Sherlock (BBC), Mission Impossible, Homeland and the very best of James Bond soundtracks.