Format: CD
Label: ATO Records
Rel. Date: 06/03/2022
UPC: 880882445423

Welcome 2 Club XIII
Artist: Drive-By Truckers
Format: CD


1. The Driver
2. Maria's Awful Disclosures
3. Shake and Pine
4. We Will Never Wake You Up in the Morning
5. Welcome 2 Club XIII
6. Forged in Hell and Heaven Sent
7. Every Single Storied Flameout
8. Billy Ringo in the Dark
9. Wilder Days

More Info:

Welcome 2 Club XIII, DBT’s 14th studio album, marks a sharp departure from the trenchant political commentary of their last three records.

A reckoning with the dualities of the things that make you alive and how they sometimes can kill you. A life affirming flashlight for the dark nights of one’s soul.  The title track is a tongue in cheek homage to a local dive that founding members Cooley and Hood played in the early days. As they say in the song “Our glory days did kinda suck”.