Format: CD
Rel. Date: 02/17/2023
UPC: 881626627921

Music From This American Life
Artist: Stephen Ulrich
Format: CD


1. Earthly
2. Handheld
3. The Swell
4. Fellow Traveler
5. Surprise, Arizona
6. Rinse Cycle
7. Housebroken
8. If and When
9. Unpretty
10. Bookworm

More Info:

2023 release. Stephen Ulrich is the composer for the HBO series Bored to Death, the documentary Art and Craft and the PBS series Make 'em Laugh. His band, Big Lazy, has flourished for over two decades in NYC's downtown music scene, playing their singular brand of noir and twang with a filmic sensibility. Stephen's and Big Lazy's music can be heard on This American Life.