Format: DVD
Label: A&E
Rel. Date: 08/19/2021
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History - Ultimate Survival: Mawson's Will / Disa
Artist: History - Ultimate Survival: Mawson's Will / Disa
Format: DVD

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MAWSON'S WILL: In 1912, Australian explorer Douglas Mawson tested his will against Antarctica's frozen wilderness and miraculously survived. 85 years later, explorer Mark Stasik evoked Mawson's spirit with a treacherous Alaskan journey. This is the storyof two men and one obsession-to explore the limits of human endurance in Earth's most forbidding landscapes. In the winter of 1912, Douglas Mawson lost expedition partner Belgrave Ninnis to an icy crevasse. He and his other partner Xavier Mertz were stranded 320 miles from base camp with few supplies. After Mertz died, Mawson somehow made it back alone. In the winter of 1996, Mark Stasik survived marauding wolves, a tent fire, avalanches, and near starvation. Discover the grip the frozen wilderness has on the human spirit and imagination and the allures that high-risk treks hold for those determined to live at the edge of Ultimate Survival. DISASTER ON THE MOUNTAIN: On the surface, the gentle slopes of Mt. Washington seem tame. But this New Hampshire mo