Format: DVD
Label: A&E
Rel. Date: 08/19/2021
UPC: 883629544991

History - Breaking Vegas Counterfeit King / (Mod)
Artist: History - Breaking Vegas Counterfeit King
Format: DVD

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Counterfeiting coins isn't easy-it's an art form! Diameter, thickness, magnetism, weight, design, even the precise mix of alloys-every element of the coin must be perfectly replicated. That means taking on the craftsmanship that the U.S. Mint took yearsto develop, including anti-counterfeiting marks like hidden grooves and uniquely serrated edges. Most wannabe counterfeiters quickly realize they're no match for the U.S. Mint-and often satisfy themselves with crude tokens that might stretch their winnings by a buck or two. But not Louis Colavecchio... not by a long shot!