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Format: DVD
Label: WARA
Rel. Date: 12/08/2020
UPC: 883929737161

Defending Your Life
Artist: Defending Your Life
Format: DVD

More Info:

Daniel Miller was tooling along a Los Angeles street, listening to "Something's Coming," when something came - a bus. One head-on collision later, Daniel wakes up deceased. And his troubles are just beginning. Three-time Academy Awardr winner* Meryl Streep joins writer/director/star Albert Brooks (The Muse, Lost in America, Mother) for a witty peek at the afterlife, where you can eat all you want and not gain an ounce. But there's a catch: You're saddled with Defending Your Life. If you can't make a case for having lived a full and fearless one, you must go back to Earth and try again. Daniel's life was far from fearless. But after he meets the remarkable Julia (Streep), he's determined not to go back. Yes, there is a laugh after death!