Austere - Beneath the Threshold


Format: Vinyl
Label: Prophecy
Rel. Date: 04/05/2024
UPC: 884388874046

Beneath the Threshold
Artist: Austere
Format: Vinyl


1. Thrall
2. The Sunset of Life
3. Faded Ghost
4. Cold Cerecloth
5. Words Unspoken
6. Of Severance

More Info:

"Beneath the Threshold" represents Austere in the here and now. While their previous album "Corrosion of Hearts" (2023) formed the bridge between the band's musical history and the artists' fresh vision, "Beneath the Threshold" takes a leap of expression. Austere's sonic heritage is still alive. Even though their roots in early Norse black metal and it's depressive Scandinavian offspring continue to shine through, it is also apparent that the Australians have audibly strengthened their emotional expressiveness and previous blackgaze leanings beyond the point where a stylistic shift towards the latter needs to be diagnosed. On "Beneath the Threshold", Austere offer more hooks and melodic harmonies to complement the multi-layered, harsh and dreamlike guitar textures expertly woven by Keepin with the aid of Yatras' emotive drumming.