Howling Giant - Glass Future [Colored Vinyl] (Red)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 11/03/2023
UPC: 884388876439

Glass Future [Colored Vinyl] (Red)
Artist: Howling Giant
Format: Vinyl


1. Hourglass
2. Siren Song
3. Aluminum Crown
4. Hawk in a Hurricane
5. First Blood of Melchor
6. Glass Future
7. Tempest, and the Liar's Gateway
8. Juggernaut
9. There's Time Now

More Info:

LP (transparent red vinyl). Every song on HOWLING GIANT's sophomore album "Glass Future" tells it's own story. Yet even without an overarching concept, all could exist within the same universe. Such crafty lyrical world-building is hardly surprising coming from a trio of enthusiastic fantasy and science fiction aficionados. "Glass Future" downright asks to inspire a book or graphic novel, even as it explodes with furious energy and thunderous acrobatics. Musically, "Glass Future" offers a continuation and evolution of all the elements that made the debut album "The Space Between Worlds" (2019) such a success. HOWLING GIANT entice classic metal and hard rock to interact dynamically with spacy, prog-infused passages, desert and psychedelic metal moments, rock organs, catchy hooks, and top everything off with soaring harmonized vocals. HOWLING GIANT hail from one of the most legendary places for music on earth: Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Despite the city's reputation for assembly-line pop country, the town called Music City is a place of deep history, where brilliant songwriters and virtuoso session players keep dozens of musical legacies burning bright. Fertile ground, then, for a preeminent fuzz-psych power trio who consciously live in the pocket of that lineage. During the last two years, the trio integrated bassist Sebastian Baltes, the son of German metal legends ACCEPT's former bass player Peter Baltes, fully into the band as a co-writer. HOWLING GIANT take a gargantuan leap forward with "Glass Future" that brings their outstanding musicianship and golden-throated triple vocal attack fully into stride. Nothing to do but try to keep up and enjoy the stunning sonic scenery along the way!