Perchta - D'muata (Bonus Dvd) [Deluxe] [Limited Edition] (Coll)


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/14/2024
UPC: 884388879980

D'muata (Bonus Dvd) [Deluxe] [Limited Edition] (Coll)
Artist: Perchta
Format: CD


1. CD Vom Verlanga
2. Ois Was Ma San
3. Heiliges Bluat
4. Hebamm
5. D'muata
6. Wehenkanon
7. Ausbruch
8. Langtuttin ; Stampa
9. Mei Diana Mei Bua
10. DVD Interview with Frau Percht

More Info:

With Perchta's second full-length entitled "D'Muata", which translates from her Alpine Austrian dialect to English as "The Mother", mastermind and vocalist Frau Percht and her band have created a feminist manifesto within a folklore influenced black metal context. Femininity in all it's facets is a rather niche topic in this genre although it is an inseparable part of everything human and the natural world around us. Taking their name from an alleged pagan goddess, Perchta were conceived in Austria in 2017 with an aim to preserve and rejuvenate regional traditions. Three years later, Perchta released their debut album "Ufang", which established the band's reputation as a highly individualistic and unique act. All lyrics of the entire album are intoned in the Tyrolean vernacular. The words are shrouded in a tempest of tremolo guitars and ritualistic folk with bone-piercing extreme vocals on top. Now the black witch of the Tyrolean mountains and her pack return with a magical new album.