Bonginator - The 1986 Doink City Massacre


Format: Vinyl
Label: Testimony Records
Rel. Date: 05/31/2024
UPC: 884388880139

The 1986 Doink City Massacre
Artist: Bonginator
Format: Vinyl


1. Intro
2. The Doinkinite
3. The Bonginators
4. Interdoob
5. War; On Drugs
6. Dank Nugulus
7. Blood Diner

More Info:

Welcome to the world of Bonginator, where musical brutality meets bizarre sci-fi topics! Dive into the dark and twisted sonic realms of death metal with the debut EP, "The 1986 Doink City Massacre," by the relentless force known as Bonginator. Crafted with bone-crushing intensity, this EP encapsulates the essence of death metal with a unique blend of aggression and experimental flair. Bonginator takes you on a rough journey through the sonic underworld, where every riff is a weapon and every growl is a declaration of chaos. You can easily witness the musical development of the band as you will find the new track 'Blood Diner' as a special bonus on this EP. "The 1986 Doink City Massacre" is not your typical death metal experience. Bonginator, true to their name, incorporates unconventional elements, pushing the boundaries of the genre. Brace yourself for mind-bending, fresh death metal with a humorous twist on the lyrics.