Troubadour Dali - Troubadour Dali [Digipak]


Format: CD
Label: Euclid Records
Catalog: 25866
Rel. Date: 01/01/2009
UPC: 884501258661

Troubadour Dali [Digipak]
Artist: Troubadour Dali
Format: CD

More Info:

Good things come to those with patience. Troubadour Dali's long-awaited new album captures the band's dreamy psych-pop live sound to a tee. Lysergic guitars stretch out lazily, like a kite wending in the wind or a good morning stretch; stacks of harmonies and hints of distortion further add to the blissed-out psychedelic atmosphere. Unlike kindred souls such as the Warlocks, Brian Jonestown Massacre or the Verve, however, Troubadour Dali's vocals are never bored or detached - which makes it's songs that much more approachable. Annie Zaleski - Riverfront Times.