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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/18/2020
UPC: 884860345910

Musique (20th Anniversary Edition)
Artist: atre Of Tragedy
Format: Vinyl


1. LP1: Machine
2. City Of Light
3. Fragment
4. Musique
5. Commute
6. Image
7. Radio
8. Crash/Concrete
9. Retrospect
10. Reverie
11. Space Age
12. Image (French Version)
13. LP2: Fragment
14. Machine
15. City Of Light
16. Reverie
17. Radio
18. Commute
19. Retrospect
20. Quirk
21. Crash/Concrete
22. The New Man

More Info:

It has been a long time since it was available - now the 2000 Theatre of Tragedy release with singer LIV Kristine called "Musique" will be in stores again and for the first time ever this album will also be available as vinyl (incl. a bonus album in a previously unreleased version with a revamped tracklist and 2 different tracks). Furthermore Jacob Hansen has been bestowed with the re-mastering of this unique album, in which he outstandingly succeeded: He made the songs sound way more modern and fresh. With "Musique" the Norwegian Gothic-Metal pioneers have incorporated new Industrial elements and brought their songwriting to yet another level.