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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/16/2021
UPC: 884860362214

Hellbreaker (Clear Yellow Vinyl) [Clear Vinyl] (Gate)
Artist: Motorjesus
Format: Vinyl


1. Drive Through Fire
2. Battlezone
3. Hellbreaker
4. Beyond the Grave
5. Dead Rising
6. Car Wars
7. Firebreather
8. Lawgiver
9. Black Hole Overload 1
10. Back to the Bullet 1
11. The Outrun

More Info:

Motorjesus are playing a high-octane mixture of classic heavy metal and dirty hard rock. They simply love Rock'n'Roll and celebrate the music. Their love for 70s muscle cars also shows in their artwork and the "Motorized Jesus" has established as their band mascot in their cover-artworks over the past years. Tey stay true to their well established brand of metal, classic rock, stoner and other influences. The most important thing is that the fists can be risen and the crowd is singing along.