Format: CD
Rel. Date: 12/16/2022
UPC: 884860422123

Final Days - Orden Ogan & Friends
Artist: Orden Ogan
Format: CD


1. CD1 Heart of the Android
2. In the Dawn of the Ai
3. Inferno
4. Let the Fire Rain
5. Interstellar (Feat. Gus G.)
6. Alone in the Dark (Feat. Ylva Eriksson)
7. Black Hole
8. Absolution for Our Final Days
9. Hollow
10. It Is Over
11. CD2 Heart of the Android Ft. Peavy Wagner
12. In the Dawn of the Android Ross Thompson ; Frank Beck
13. Inferno Ft. Nils Molin
14. Let the Fire Rain Ft. Stu Block
15. Interstellar Ft. Andy B. Frank
16. Alone in the Dark Ft. Chris Boltendahl ; Martha Gabriel
17. Black Hole Ft. Leif Jensen
18. Absolution for Our Final Days Ft. Elina Siirala
19. Hollow Ft. Marc Lopes
20. It Is Over Ft. Dennis Diehl
21. Fields of Sorrow (Orchestral Version)
22. December

More Info:

"Final Days" comes up with a massive production, super melodic yet heavy tracks and fresh, refined songwriting. "Final Days" - in all it's glory - will not only continue the success story of Orden Ogan but also serve as the genre's new yardstick from now on. After the most successful Orden Ogan album in the band's history and a #3 entry in the charts, here comes another brilliant strike! Orden Ogan have invited great friends and idols to lend their voice to FINAL DAYS. Peavy Wagner (Rage), Andy B. Frank (Brainstorm), Elina Siirala (Leaves' Eyes), Stu Block (Annihilator), Dennis Diehl (Any Given Day) and many more are on board! "Orden Ogan and Friends" - in all it's glory - will not only continue the success story of ORDEN OGAN, but will especially stand for the diversity of the vocal power of the metal genre.