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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/02/2021
UPC: 885470017150

Binary Star
Artist: Barber / Steiner / Hochwartner
Format: CD

More Info:

With "Binary Star", trombonist Peter Steiner and organist Constanze Hochwartner take you on a journey through the infinite expanses of the cosmos. The program of the album unites different composers and spans the musical arc from the late romantic Gustav Mahler to the film music composer John Williams. After the Austrian trombonist presented his album "Sapphire" with Constanze Hochwartner on piano in 2018, the two pull out bigger guns on "Binary Star." These allow them to simultaneously draw on a range of sounds appropriate to the album's theme and dust off the time-honored combination of wind instrument and organ. "This brilliant combination allows us to create a wide variety of timbres and to realize all the musical ideas we have in the best possible way," say Peter Steiner and Constanze Hochwartner. Their program leads once across the galaxy and consists of orchestral literature, which the two arranged and had arranged for their instruments themselves.