Bach / Glaetzner / Mitteldeutscher Bachkonvent - Die Oboenkonzerte [Reissue]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 01/05/2024
UPC: 885470031330

Die Oboenkonzerte [Reissue]
Artist: Bach / Glaetzner / Mitteldeutscher Bachkonvent
Format: Vinyl

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By popular demand, this Berlin Classics recording is reissued on Vinyl. Featured on it are J.S. Bach's Oboe Concertos played by one of the greatest German oboists Burkhard Glaetzner and the Mitteldeutscher Bach Convent. An ensemble specialized in the music of Bach. J.S. Bach's oboe concertos stand as a testament to his mastery in crafting music that transcends time. These captivating compositions musicologically constructed showcase Bach's profound understanding of melody, harmony, and orchestration. Burkard Glaetzner was one of the greatest oboe virtosos in Germany if not the whole world. These recordings withstood the test of time and now are considered a reference for this repertoire