Format: Collectibles
Label: MTCO
Rel. Date: 08/16/2021
UPC: 887961929171

Mattel Collectible - Minecraft Dungeons 3.25 2-Pack #2
Artist: Minecraft
Format: Collectibles

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Minecraft Dungeons characters in real life! These 3.25-inch two-packs are based on the Minecraft Dungeons Game and its new characters, and this collection also includes slightly larger characters! Fans will love the true-to-Minecraft designs of these new heroes and mobs from Minecraft Dungeons. Figures come with battle accessories, so kids can slash and battle it out with their figures in real life while at the same time feeling immersed in the Dungeons game.

A great gift for Minecraft fans who want to explore the new, dark Dungeons world of canyons, swamps and, of course, mines - in the real world! Each 2-pack sold separately. Colors and decorations may vary.

Product Details

  • Colors, packaging, accessories, and decorations may vary and are subject to change.